3 Takeaways From Visiting Ethiopia

A staff member reflects on how God is moving in Ethiopia and how great the need still is.

A Nigerian Missionary Serving Nomads in Chad

For Pastor Ade*, a Muslim-background believer from Nigeria, "the clean water gives us a great boost in our daily ministry here." Hear about his work partnering alongside neverthirst in Chad, where the majority of the population is unreached by the gospel.

The Woman Behind A Growing House Church in Cambodia

Every single neverthirst water project involves the local church. For some regions, that means partnering with a past...

How Workout for Water Started with Iron Tribe's Forrest Walden

Meet neverthirst co-founder and Board Member Forrest Walden. Inspired by a David Platt sermon on Psalm 67:1-2, Forrest was inspired to use his blessings for the nations, co-founding neverthirst. He went on to create Workout for Water, a fitness fundraiser that's raised over $5M providing clean and living water for the unreached.

David Platt's 'Ultimate Disconnect' Sermon | neverthirst Origin Story

In 2006, David Platt posed a simple question in a sermon titled 'The Ultimate Disconnect,' based on Psalm 67:1-2. Platt was the lead pastor at the Church of Brook Hills, in Birmingham, Alabama, and the future founders of neverthirst were inspired to take action.

What is a donor-advised fund? 7 benefits of having one

Donor advised funds (DAFs) are the fastest growing charitable vehicle in America today. Learn how many neverthirst families use these giving funds to maximize generosity while receiving specific tax benefits.

neverthirst Recognized AGAIN In Effectively Reaching the Unreached

  Did you know that only 1% of ALL Christian giving is used to expand the Kingdom of God to the unreached? What a st...

The Jackson's Story | From Tragedy to Second Chances

After a normal, healthy pregnancy, the Jacksons were shocked and heartbroken when their daughter was stillborn.  In ...

Reaching Uganda with the Gospel Through Clean Water - Simon's Story

It’s more than water. It's salvation found in the living water of Jesus. When reading stories of Jesus’ ministry, it...

Meet Samai: Doing Whatever It Takes To Serve the Unreached in Cambodia

Water is essential to living, yet an estimated 771 million people currently live without access to clean water that’...

Uganda Update: Celebrating Even Greater Things to Come

Since 2017, we’ve been able to serve a total of 176,024 people in Uganda. In a country ranked 159 out of 189 on the ...

Celebrating The neverthirst Family Serving One Million People With Clean & Living Water (A Live Interview with Our Original Founders)

  Thanks to the Lord’s faithfulness and your generosity, one million people have received clean and living water thro...
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