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Meet Ababech: Her Girls Can Go to School Now

This woman is a leader in her community, respected by others, and a fierce advocate for her two girls. Read her own words about life in Ethiopia before clean water.

A Woman Who Had to Drink Some of the Dirtiest Water on the Planet

Imagine having to filter animals, bugs and worms from water you’re going to drink, cook with, and clean with. That was the harsh reality for this mom and her family—because they had no other option.

Where We're Headed in 2024 | 5 Year Vision & New Programs Launching

You are making it possible to launch new programs in 2024, that will literally be changing lives in some of the most unreachable and underserved areas on the planet. We’ve spent the past six months planning new five-year initiatives that are starting this year.

Breaking News! Celebrating Progress in the Global Water Crisis

The World Health Organization (WHO) just announced that the number of people living without access to clean water has decreased from 771 million to 703 million without access to clean water. That means that 68 million more people now have access to clean water!

Chased by a Hyena while Getting Water

A 12-year-old boy got home from school and realized his family was out of water. So he began the journey to the local river. It was near dusk, and hyenas were prowling. Watch his story.

Modeling Generosity to Our Kids: Meet the Cushmans

A simple donation turned into a moving way to bring their family together and serve people in need. This is the Cushmans' story.

Living Outside of the American Dream: The Gallardos

Meet a couple approaching retirement and their whole lives with open hands—surrendering to God's story for their lives over their own.

The Baxter Family: Leveraging Their Business for the Nations

Be inspired by a couple living the Great Commission: leading their business and family to serve the most unreached places in the world.

Elema's Story: From a 'Tree god' to the One, True God

Meet Elema: From worshiping a ‘Tree god’ to the One, True God in an unreached village.

Opening the Door For God: Pastor Godana's Story

From zero to 30 believers: how clean water opened the door for this pastor in an unreached village.

One Man's Story of Persecution in Africa

‘Our churches were burned to ash.’ How God is moving among the persecuted and the unreached in Africa.

The Weight Of Water: Diko's Story

Waiting 32 years for clean water. Meet Diko and see her joy at no longer walking 4 miles daily to find water for her family. 
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