The toll on women's hands in Niger

I asked the women how clean water would change their lives... and they slowly started showing me their hands. Knobby, calloused, and gnarled... all from hauling water from wells.

A Dangerous Walk for Water in Nepal

Meet Chari, a woman in Nepal who started her days at 4am to collect water for her family. The path to find water was...

Cecilia’s Story: Fatigued from Carrying Jerry Cans

In many communities that lack clean and safe water, the elderly are some of the most affected.

2021 Approach: Ending the Water Crisis Region-by-Region

What if an entire region was saturated with access to clean water and the hope of the gospel?

The Scarcity of Water in the Desert

It's her main responsibility. Every day, Adama rides her donkey, carrying empty jerry cans, alongside her...

The Unlikely Missionary to Nomads

When you invest in a neverthirst project, we connect with our local partners in the field to bring clean...
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