Married Before Thirteen and Living in the Sahel - This is Habessa's Story

For the women in Habessa’s village, carrying water is more than an inconvenience of time; it binds women to the home, unable to receive an education or feel empowered to be more than the daily water collector.

Dreaming in the Sahel: How Water is Helping Spread the Gospel

“Without water, we cannot live. That is why giving clean water is giving the gospel." We invite you to meet Favor and hear how her dreams became possible when access to water. Thank you neverthirst family, for what you continue to make possible. When we see Favor's face and when we hear of her hopeful future we rejoice!

Ethiopia Update: Expanding to a New Unreached Region

"How will we know you won't abandon us?" Inside the work to expand to a new unreached region—where 98% of the population is Muslim, and there is massive need for clean water.

Join Matt in Chad this World Water Day

Greetings on World Water Day! I'm coming to you from Chad, Africa, today to share the story of two young girls who ...

Behind the 771 Million Without Clean Water

When you wake up in the morning, where do you get water to brush your teeth, grab a glass to drink, and freshen up? ...

Why Working in Nepal is so Unique

In Nepal, the main source of water comes from natural mountain springs. The springs are often difficult to. See the unique way our local partner gets clean water to Nepalese families...

The McCulloughs: Inspired to Serve the Unreached

Inspired by Secret Church and reading Radical, GT and Sally Beth felt challenged and inspired to bring clean water and the gospel to India. Here's their story...

The Shipps' Story | A Loss Turned Into Kingdom Impact

After suffering the loss of a child, John and Jennifer felt led to make an eternal difference around the world. Watch their story...

Sovann's Story: From Black Magic to Serving the Unreached

Black magic. This, according to Vath Sovann, is what led him down a path of sin and eventually, imprisonment. Read his incredible story of meeting Christ, following Jesus, and now working to bring the gospel and clean water to unreached villages.

No More Collecting From the Pond

Meet a mom in Chad who had only collected water from a brown pond for her entire life. Hear how clean water has truly changed her story… and the story of every mom in this desert village. “We have big hopes now,” she tells us.

Miracles on Miracles: Encountering God in Nepal

Bijay's story begins with miracles that led to faith in Christ and experiencing the water crisis himself as a kid. Now, Bijay leads one of our largest partner organizations in Nepal. His mission? To serve the unreached in the region he grew up.

What It Takes to Serve One Person

Our focus has shifted to more unreached areas and higher-quality water solutions, and our cost per person is shifting as well. Read the details why >>
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