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Opening the Door For God: Pastor Godana's Story

"The harvest in plentiful, but the workers are few." Matthew 9:37 


Journey with us to an extremely remote village in Ethiopia. Two years ago, they were completely unreached with the gospel. Watch Pastor Godana's story and hear how God is at work among one of the most remote tribes on the planet.

Many people worshiped trees, big stones and some even worshipped evil spirits. Everyone in the community spent a lot of time traveling long distances to collect water, which made it hard to share the good news because everyone was away.

"The water project opened up a door for good news—the gospel."

Our local partners identified this village with great need for clean water and the gospel. Through a project funded by the neverthirst family, Godana partnered alongside the project, meeting the community, praying with families, and sharing the good news. At first, Godana shared that the people were not receptive. They had a huge need for water and spent almost all day walking to collect it. When did they have time to hear what this man had to say?

And then... the community got clean water. Right by their village. "It changed everything," the women told us.

Now, Pastor Godana finds it much easier to share the gospel with his community. This village is so remote—with few believers in the area—that he commutes 2 hours to meet with them from his home. Godana started a house church where people gather to worship, and many have found salvation. The church members saved and collected resources to build a new, bigger church, just completed this August.

"I pray we can reach the entire region with the gospel. So everyone can know Jesus."


"Two years ago, there was no church and now we have a new church and many people are accepting Christ as the Savior of their soul."

Previously, his community had no believers, but now there are 30. With a clean water source in his village, Pastor Godana is able to share the good news with everyone he encounters. Many people travel from all over to collect water from the new water point which allows him more opportunity to connect with people.

"When you give to neverthirst, you are reaching the unreached." 

When it comes to your giving, have confidence that you are serving the most unreached people groups in the world. You are serving people in need with clean water and the opportunity to hear the gospel, changing their story—forever.  

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