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For $40, you can give one person clean water every month. How many can you serve?

Clean water is essential for life

Yet 703 million people still lack basic access to water.1
Over 80% of those who need clean water live in rural and isolated communities.1 This is where we focus our work—bringing clean water to unreached communities until all are served.

Clean water can stop waterborne illness

Over 829,000 people are estimated to die each year from diarrhea as a result of unsafe drinking water, sanitation, and hand hygiene. When water is not readily available, people may decide hand washing is not a priority, adding to the likelihood of diarrhea and other diseases.2

Sadly today, over 800 children will die from preventable diseases caused by poor water, and a lack of sanitation and hygiene. Join us in ending this water crisis in our lifetime.

Clean water changes lives

Access to clean water in rural communities means:

Improved income & health

More people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence combined, including war.4 With clean water, people are less likely to get sick and spend money on medicine. They’re better equipped financially to meet other needs.

Cecilia's Story

More time

Women and children spend over 200 million hours every day just to collect water.5 And the water they walk so far to collect often carries diseases that can make their families sick. Access to clean water gives families more time to be more productive, go to school, grow crops, and earn an income—all helping to reduce poverty.

Meet Adama

Improved safety for women and children

Women and children usually carry the burden of collecting water which means walking long, dangerous paths before sunrise and in the evening to get water. When water is accessible and close to the home, this ensures greater personal safety for women and children.

Meet Chari

An empowered local church

Local pastors build credibility and trust by serving their communities with clean water. When the church is empowered to love in this tangible way, it opens the door for people to experience the source of true, living water, Jesus Christ.

Meet Pastor Moussa

How do we solve the water crisis?

We work with our local partners and the local church to find the best and most sustainable solutions in each country. These solutions range from improving water quality through household water filters, to boring deep wells, to tapping mountain springs and using gravity to pipe water to an entire community. In every setting, one thing is consistent—we promote sanitation, good hygiene practices and form a local water committee trained to keep the water flowing.

Join our mission to serve the unreached

You can help end the water crisis. Since 2008, we’ve helped over 1,000,000 people gain access to clean and living water. And we are just getting started.

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