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The Baxter Family: Leveraging Their Business for the Nations

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..."
Matthew 28:19

Meet Richard and Tara, a couple who truly lives with a Kingdom mindset. From the early days of marriage to building a family and business, they've felt challenged to be generous with their lives and their resources for the sake of the nations.

God has called us to live the Great Commission, sharing the good news with all nations. He has given each one of us certain opportunities, capabilities and blessings. Watch their story and hear how the Baxter family finds joy in leading their family and Shelby Pediatric Dentistry to serve the most unreached places in the world.

"We set a cap on our lifestyle. We didn't want to search for extra."

"Running around busy, it's easy to forget how the rest of the world lives."

The reality is that 703 million people do not have access to clean water, and 3 billion people are unreached and have never heard the gospel. That means they will live and die without ever knowing the name of Jesus. 

Less than 1% of Christian giving goes to serve countries that are not predominately Christian. At neverthirst, we serve the 1%—the unreached that have never heard the gospel. 

When you give, know that you are quenching a physical AND spiritual need—forever, with clean water and the gospel. For every project you sponsor, receive a detailed report with stories of impact, photos and exact coordinates of the village you helped serve. This can start intentional conversations with your children, family and friends.

"When you're giving and being reminded of what it's being used for–it grows your faith in a real way."

Interested in sponsoring a project? There are 249 villages identified, ready, and waiting for clean water before the end of this year. Opportunities begin at $5,000—learn more here.

Or make a one-time gift that will go to serve our most urgent needs among the unreached.

There are thousands of unreached villages ready and waiting for clean water.

You have the ability to change someone's life—forever. 

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