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Living Outside of the American Dream: The Gallardos

What if the American dream isn't the goal?
Meet the Gallardos, a couple who is surrendering their plans to retire for the story God has for them.

"God has brought us into a larger story that we never would've been a part of."

In 2011, the Gallardos were challenged by David Platt's book Radical. They were struck by the idea of the American dream vs. a Biblical dream and realized they wanted to live differently. They saw David mention neverthirst in Radical, and after doing research into financials and learning where donation money is allocated, they were ready to commit.

Both Tom and Lois Gallardo ditched the idea of the American dream to follow God's plan for them. With careers as CPAs, they were initially attracted to the financial transparency and that the gospel is being shared withevery water projectthrough a local pastor or missionary. After partnering with neverthirst, the Gallardos had the opportunity to visit a few of the countries they've been serving with clean water and the gospel.

"It was amazing to see how they work, how things are done and what these partners bring to the table. Just knowing that you can be a part of these remote villages getting water and getting a pastor to plant a church there...that's exciting!"

The Gallardos are very passionate about serving hard to reach people. They often share the reports received from the field with their friends, family and clients. The reports contain stories of impact and photos of people and the villages you helped serve. (See how to serve a village here and get your own custom report.)

"My heart's hope and prayer is that He keeps giving us these opportunities."

They sometimes consider the typical American dream and think,"Can I maybe retire sometime soon?" But, their hearts yearn for more.

"We are not called to just retire. We've been called to continue to do the work of the Lord."

Although they never imagined being this involved, they have drawn closer and seen the work that God is doing in the lives of people in need.

"If we had never said yes in the beginning to that trip, then our world would have been very small. And we are so fortunate we had the opportunity and said yes."

When God brings an opportunity that stretches your faith and challenges your comfort, say yes. You never know how it can change your own life for the better. "You could never have planned it, thought of it or imagined it. That's how big our God is."

When you surrender to God, and allow Him to work through your life—it's life-changing. God has blessed you with capabilities, opportunities and blessings. How will you steward what God has given you? How will you say yes to God's plan?

You can serve some of the poorest countries in the world, changing their stories forever with clean water and the gospel. 

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