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For $40, you can give one person clean water every month. How many can you serve?

Business Partnerships

Your business can change lives

Move your organization from success to significance.

The Need

Today, over 703 million people live without access to clean water. Lack of clean water is still the #1 health crisis facing the world today.

The Opportunity

You can address this crisis and make a significant impact in the lives of people around the world. Lead your organization to be not only the best in your market, but the best company for the world.


Partner with neverthirst and leverage your success for lasting significance. Your company can engage in this mission and transform lives around the world.

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Invest in unreached communities through your business.

  • fundraising event
  • donated advertising space
  • checkout charity (ex: round-up)


Connect your employees with a
lasting purpose.

  • "honor gift" for clients/employees
  • host a World Water Day campaign
  • Per Product Donation (ex: product line or SKU)


Defend the cause. Tell the story. Inspire others to make an impact with you.

  • Adopt a Region
  • Donate a % of overall profit
  • Significant Recurring Gifts (ex: matching funds)

Current Ambassador Partners

These businesses commit at least $50,000 every year to give clean water, and receive customized images and videos, personalized reports, in-person presentations, custom merch, and options for impact trips. This alignment of culture and purpose in your company can change the world.

Cape Vista Dental logo
Irontribe Finess logo
Royal Cup logo
Shelby Pediatric Dentistry logo
Prier logo

Advocates & Affiliate Partners

These businesses commit $1,000+ every year to bring clean and living water to the unreached and receive images and videos for co-branding, neverthirst merch, and impact reports.

Faucett Motors of Boaz
O.Henry’s Coffee
Jordan Excavating
Mayhem Mission
Chandler Wealth
Emerald Valley Car Wash
Rugged Road Outdoors
Three Arbor Insurance
Method Mortgage
Black Family Restaurants
Gooch Dental
Top to Bottom Pressure Washing
SageSpring Wealth Partners
Thorsby Dental
Yoon Dental
Summer Classics
Blenz Bowls
Nations Boutique
The Frog Juice Co
CareDirect RX
Alice Circle
BIS Benefits

Join us in giving hope through clean and living water.

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