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A Woman Who Had to Drink Some of the Dirtiest Water on the Planet

Imagine having to filter animals, bugs and worms from water you’re going to drink, cook with, and clean with. That was the harsh reality for this mom and her family—because they had no other option. 

Meet Myra, a woman who had to collect and drink some of the dirtiest water on the planet.

"My name is Myra and I live in the rolling hills of India with my husband and two children.

Before, we used to walk a long distance to an open well in another village. The water we collected often contained lizards, cockroaches, dogs, and cats that fell in and died. We had to take the dead animals out and then filter the water before using it.

Monsoon season, was the worst because debris would fall into the well and rot. Worms would often fill the well and made it impossible for us to find clean water. But we had no other option. We had to strain the water and drink it."


"Until we found out that clean water was coming to our village. We were overwhelmed with joy. We wanted to help our children not be so sick anymore. Now my children never have to thirst, thank you for changing our lives."


Clean water changes lives and you can make a direct, tangible impact. There are 703 million people around the world who don't have clean water and have similar stories to Myra. You can help change this and make a lasting impact through clean and living water.

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