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Breaking News! Celebrating Progress in the Global Water Crisis

Even in today's age, where AI is reshaping the world and self-driving cars are becoming a reality, there are people who lack a basic necessity to life–clean water.
The fact is... clean water is essential for life.

Clean water allows children to attend school and further their education.
Clean water allows parents to provide an income for their family.
Clean water brings families good health and sanitation.
Clean water changes the trajectory of entire villages, for generations to come.

And when you partner with neverthirst, clean water opens the door for the good news to be shared with people who have never heard of Jesus.

Two years ago, the number of people experiencing the water crisis decreased by 14 million people—from 785 million to 771 million people.

Well, that number has changed again—and we have encouraging news to share!

The number of people without access to clean and safe drinking water is going down at a record-breaking rate.

The World Health Organization (WHO) just announced that the number of people without access to clean water has decreased from 771 million to 703 million.
Be encouraged that 68 million more people now have access to clean water!

Your generosity is making a real difference. Transforming lives across Africa and Asia and bringing clean and living water to unreached communities. Your giving is changing the trajectory of a global crisis in real time.

703 million people without clean water is still an enormous need. Instead of 1 in 10 people without clean water, it's not about 1 in 12 people. So for every dozen people in the world, one is living today without access to clean water.

We know that's not okay. That must change.

So we continue on. Raising our voices for the 703 million people around the world in great need of clean water and the good news of Jesus.

Your giving makes a real and tangible impact in the lives of those who need it most. Thank you for bringing clean water to unreached communities, until all are served.
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