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neverthirst Recognized AGAIN In Effectively Reaching the Unreached


Did you know that only 1% of ALL Christian giving is used to expand the Kingdom of God to the unreached?

What a staggering statistic.

If only 1% of all Christian giving serves the unreached… what does the mean and how should we respond as believers?

Unreached people are people groups who lack followers of Jesus and need outside help to minister to their own people.

And today, 99% of Christian giving goes to nations that are predominantly reached with the gospel. (World Christian Trends Research)

This data was gathered from hundreds of Christian professors, researchers, ministry and denominational leaders, including some of the most respected Christians in the world. This research revealed the Church’s use of God’s resources overall.


“After learning that 1% of Christian giving goes to the unreached, we created ROI Ministry—to identify the top 10 ministries in the world based on their impact per dollar. neverthirst is one of those, so you know you're making a real difference.”

- Tim Barker, Founder ROI Ministries 


ROI Ministry is a nonprofit organization that identifies the top 10 ministries in the world that are expanding the Kingdom of God to the unreached, with the most impact per dollar.  


neverthirst is honored to be again named as one of the Top 10 Ministries for Kingdom ROI in 2022.


“Each [top ROI] ministry goes through a rigorous, third party, qualification process.” Learn more about the selection process here.

At neverthirst, our passion is to bring people into a loving relationship with God for the first time by meeting a practical human need … clean water.

Many countries are not only thirsting for the word of God, but also do not have access to clean water.  As we seek to provide people with their first taste of fresh water, we also present them with an opportunity to drink from the Living Water - a well that does not run dry.

Jesus instructs us in the New Testament to take the gospel to “the ends of the earth” and to “every tribe, tongue and nation.” As Christians, our desire should be to fulfill His command and reach those who have not been reached by the gospel.

When you give to neverthirst, your investment is in that top 1% of giving that impacts the unreached. 

neverthirst donors have the opportunity to give with full confidence in where their gifts are going, knowing that every dollar is trackable, measurable, and effective.

As a top ROI ministry, neverthirst is serious about making kingdom impact with every dollar given.



Additionally, we have held a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar for 4 consecutive years, are ranked as a 4-star charity on Charity Navigator, and have been recognized as a Top 10 Ministry from ROI Ministries since 2013. You can visit our financials page here and view our 2020 impact report with ROI Ministries here!

Our donors' generosity has enabled more than 1.1 million people to receive clean water and be reached with the hope found in Jesus, the Living Water. Lives are being transformed for generations to come because of the generosity of the neverthirst family!

We are focused on serving those who are hardest to reach.



neverthirst Earns the Highest Rating from Charity Navigator


Charity Navigator is the world’s largest and most trusted nonprofit evaluator, and neverthirst has earned the Four-Star Rating which is the highest possible rating on Charity Navigator. 

Charity Navigator’s third-party accreditation validates our organization’s operational excellence. The Four-Store Rating signifies efficient use of funds, and high impact per dollar, and financial transparency.

These milestone achievements for neverthirst couldn’t have happened without you and your support. Thank you for being part of our family as contributors, funders, and volunteers. Your trust and support helps us make a difference for the communities we serve.

Your generosity to neverthirst is catalyzing immense growth of the gospel on earth, and that return on interest is even larger in eternity.

Partner with us this giving season, and join in our efforts to serve 75,000 more unreached people by the end of the year.

Every dollar counts, and every dollar reaches the ends of the earth. 


When you give to neverthirst, you are partnering to serve those who are unreached.


99% of all Christian giving ministers to reached nations.

Your gift to neverthirst is in the 1% of generosity that serves the unreached. Your gift's impact can not be overstated. It is truly transforming lives.



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