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For $40, you can give one person clean water every month. How many can you serve?


771 million people are living without access to clean water, and 3 billion without access to the gospel. Join a community doing whatever it takes to serve the unreached.




Will you help?

1 in 10 people today are without clean water. Clean water changes lives—and opens the door for the gospel to be heard. Our work is powered by donors willing to do whatever it takes to bring hope to the unreached.

We know the solution. Our partners are ready. Your gift makes it possible.

This year-end, we long to see 75,000 unreached people have access to the gospel and clean water. Raising $3 million is a huge goal—and impossible without your generosity. How can you do whatever it takes to serve the unreached?

Fighting for Those Who Are Fighting For Water

How far would you go to provide water for those you love?
What about those you don't know? Or those that speak a different language?
Meet Samai, a partner serving the unreached in the jungles of Cambodia.

These are people. Wives and mothers and children who walk miles and miles every day for water. Not clean water. Just water.

Think about YOUR kids. Walking miles and miles for something that doesn’t even satisfy.

Not only should we be burdened for their physical lives, but many of these people are born, live, and die without EVER hearing the name of Jesus.

We can’t sit still anymore. We can’t not care.

Allison Long
Joined the neverthirst family in 2021

neverthirst has consistently proven to be an organization that we can trust with our family’s stewardship plans. I appreciated the financial transparency and how they have shown us for 12 years how our giving has transformed lives around the world.

Brandon & Shannon Dillard
Joined the neverthirst family in 2010

Make an impact,
join us today.

$40 will bring one person access to clean and living water. Our vision is to serve the unreached and we won’t stop until all are served.

Starting at $5,000, you can sponsor an entire project, bring sanitation, and transform villages for generations. Slide to see the impact of your gift.

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it takes


You can be the difference in bringing water to the unreached. Together, we will do whatever it takes.

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