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The Woman Behind A Growing House Church in Cambodia

Every single neverthirst water project involves the local church. For some regions, that means partnering with a pastor or even a whole house church.

For a small village in rural Cambodia, it started with a woman named Chet Mao.

Chet Mao, the woman behind a growing house church in an unreached region of Cambodia. She partnered with neverthirst on a school WASH project to help share the gospel with her village.“When I accepted Jesus, my husband and family members were actually angry with me,” Chet said. The cultural belief is that Christianity is a Western religion and has no place in Cambodia. Still, she persisted in following Jesus.


Chet shared the gospel with her husband over time. “He saw God’s love and accepted Jesus too. Then we worked together to visit the families in our village to share with them about God’s love and build relationships. Our home church grew to five families.

Chet’s village needed clean water—especially at their local school. Our local partner visited the area and invited Chet’s home church to help lead the community’s water project committee. The five families stepped right up.

“Joining the water project committee gave our church a good opportunity to serve our community and build relationships.” These five families were trained on water, sanitation, and hygiene practices and went out to teach the community about the importance of clean water.

Eventually, a large-scale filtration system was installed at the school, providing clean water to 153 students and community members!

Students stand in front of their school WASH project that provides clean drinking water faucets at school in rural Cambodia.

“Now all the children have clean water, and their families are happy with me. They can see that the water came through Christians, from the love of God. Through this water project, I could share the good news with them. Slowly more and more families also became believers.

Now, 20 families are in our home church. All are believers. It started with a few, but it’s grown and grown.” 
- Chet Mao
Members of a house church in Cambodia stand together with our local partners.
Our local partner in Cambodia supplies chairs that say "neverthirst" on them to a growing house church in a rural area of Cambodia.


Our local partner in Cambodia continues to support this growing house church, even supplying chairs and tables to help them meet together.

Want to support believers like Chet in sharing the gospel to the unreached?

Become a monthly partner, and your giving will:
  1. Empower local believers like Chet
  2. Meet a community’s most urgent physical need
  3. Open the door for the church to grow and Christ to be proclaimed
Giving $40 monthly serves one person every month with access to clean water and the gospel. Invest your giving where tangible spiritual impact is happening among the unreached today.

No longer worry if your dollars are making a spiritual impact. Instead—see that your giving is furthering the Kingdom in unreached regions of the world.
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