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How Workout for Water Started with Iron Tribe's Forrest Walden

It was a typical Sunday morning in 2006.

At The Church of Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama, David Platt, senior pastor at the time, opened his Bible to Psalm 67:1-2...

The message that followed changed the life of Forrest Walden, one of three co-founders of neverthirst.

Listen to the message here: "The Ultimate Disconnect" by David Platt

He posed a question at the end…

“Have you disconnected the blessings of God from the purpose of God?” 

Forrest and our two other co-founders went on to spend a year praying about how to use their blessings for the nations, went on multiple mission trips, and ultimately felt called to provide clean and living water through the local church.

neverthirst was born.

Today, Forrest Walden serves as a Board Member of neverthirst and CEO and Founder of Iron Tribe Fitness. This business is on mission to change lives through fitness communities, and one way Iron Tribe does this is by partnering with neverthirst to serve the unreached through Workout for Water events around the nation.
Check out the story behind the Workout for Water movement that has now spanned 9 states, 30+ gyms, and impacted over 60,000 people with clean and living water.

On Saturday, May 20, join Forrest for our 13th annual Workout for Water in Birmingham—the city where neverthirst first began! Our goal is to help bring clean and living water to more than 7,500 people through this event. And EVERY gift is matched dollar for dollar up to $150,000! Click here to see more.

Thank you for being a part of the neverthirst family. Without you, this work isn’t possible.

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