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A 3-Year Vision: Ending the Water Crisis Region-by-Region

What if an entire region was saturated with access to clean water and the hope of the gospel?

Over the past four months, we've been researching specific regions in our focus countries including India, Nepal, Cambodia, Uganda, DRC, Chad, and Ethiopia.

We've identified 14 regions with significant and urgent need for clean water and the impact of the gospel. Starting January 2021, our vision is to saturate these 14 regions for the next three years with clean water, hygiene, and sanitation AND empower the Church to love, serve, and reach people.

Jason Berry, Chief Strategy Officer, explains the region-by-region approach.


Neverthirst Focal Regions - DRCongo

In the Aru district in DR Congo, over 63% of the total population lack access to safe water for drinking. The local hospital reports that poor access to clean water and sanitation results in two out of three children under five regularly sick with diarrhea and other water-related illnesses.

While researching locations for our 3-year plan, our team met Mongita from Mosiyo village in Aru. She shared how she and her children are regularly at the medical center because of the poor water and how grateful she would be if neverthirst could help.

Our three-year vision for the Aru region will equip over 30,000 people just like Mongita with access to clean and living water. This work will empower over 107 pastors and evangelists through water and health programs, giving a platform to build relationships, share the good news of Jesus Christ and form Bible discovery groups that we pray will grow into home churches.
Neverthirst Focus Areas Cambodia

In Cambodia, we’ve committed to reach over 23,000 people in Phnom Krovanh district in the Pursart Province, where half of the population lacks access to safe drinking water. We have identified tangible solutions and seven local churches who are excited to partner with us.
These are just some of the 14 regions we have identified.


From gravity flow water systems in Nepal to deep-drill solar pumping projects in Chad, we've identified the many unique solutions needed in each region that will significantly improve clean water access for thousands. 

In planning for the next 3 years, we’ve met some inspiring pastors. Many work in regions that are extremely hostile to the gospel. Despite all the challenges and persecution faced, they share a sense of joy and anticipation to partner with neverthirst to reach their region.


Together, we can see thousands of women—just like Mongita in the DRC—no longer worry about having safe drinking water that is accessible to their family. We invite you to partner alongside us to see the water crisis end in these regions and churches equipped and empowered to reach their own. 

This is the power of saturating a region with clean and living water.

This is the power of working together to end the water crisis…region by region.

Thank you for standing with us.

God bless,
neverthirst Jason Berry

Interested in connecting further on our 3-year region-by-region approach? Email our team here.
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