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The Scarcity of Water in the Desert

It's her main responsibility. Every day, Adama carries empty jerry cans on her donkey, riding alongside her friend Fatima to find water for her family.

Adama was born and raised in Chad, a country in sub-Saharan Africa that is ranked in the lowest three countries in the world (187 out of 189) based on the UN's Human Development Index. Our work in Chad is in the desert, where water is scarce, and unique solutions like deep-drilled solar pumps are needed to find a clean water source for a community. Our local pastor partners have mapped out where the greatest need is, and where unreached tribes and people groups are, and are working with us on 3-year strategic plans to saturate regions with clean water and the hope of the gospel.

"What I've seen all over this country is the lack of water is THE problem. What people drink, how they spend their days running after water—if we can deal with that, everything else will seem simple. At the end, water is life."
— local pastor in Chad
neverthirst blog - gathering water for livestock
Adama comes every day to this open well, riding about half an hour from her village. Once she arrives, she takes her jerry cans and waits her turn in line among the big crowd of people waiting for water. It is typically at least an hour of waiting. And as a teenager, she spends her time collecting water instead of attending school. 
neverthirst blog - children waiting for water


You can be a part of bringing HOPE and CHANGE to girls like Adama—and remove water as a barrier to spending time at school or with their families. We invite you to give this year-end, and have your impact doubled with a million-dollar match. Or consider sponsoring a project in Chad that will bring clean water to villages like Adama's through the local church. 

Thank you for partnering with us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the nations. We couldn't do this without your generosity.


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