neverthirst for India

Let's End the Water Crisis for a Region in India

It's a God-sized vision. Together, let's end the water crisis and bring the gospel to an entire region of unreached people groups.

It started as a normal Monday night...

In Corinth, Mississippi, a group gathered to hear from two guys about an organization called neverthirst. Most of us were not familiar with the organization at all. They shared about the mission to provide clean and LIVING water to the unreached. And the personal stories of how God had transformed communities living in darkness through His light were like stories we couldn't describe. The room couldn't get enough. The questions kept coming.

What had started as a normal Monday night ended with a God-sized vision to not just provide water for a couple of villages, but to end the water crisis and bring the gospel to an entire region of unreached people groups.

This is something none of us can do alone, but something God can accomplish through His people coming together in faith.

This is where you can help. We know it is impossible for the group that heard the presentation to fund this project. We are reaching out to all our friends who will receive joy giving to a cause like this. We need YOU. We humbly ask you to give!

What will it take?

$1.5 Million

We feel like we're holding five loaves of bread and two fish and looking at a multitude of hungry people. We want to live in faith, and we trust the Lord to multiply our few "loaves" so that all will receive their share and be satisfied in Jharkhand, India. We pray that you will join us and give cheerfully and sacrificially to bring living water to the unreached in Jharkhand, India!

Our focus region: Jharkhand State

Over 71 million people in India still lack access to clean water. And 90% of people groups are unreached by the gospel.

The need in Jharkhand (Palamu and Simdega districts):
- 1.7 million people (70%) of the population lack access to safe water
- Most affected communities rely on surface water sources for drinking water.
- Villages where women spend 2-4 hours each day collecting water are given priority
- Dominant religion is Hinduism
- 90% of people groups are unreached

This project:
- 430 hand pumps
- 43,000-64,000 people will get access to clean water
- 22,000 people trained in improved hygiene areas- 180 partners provided a platform for relationship building and showing the love of God (Trained in WASH programs for improved hygiene and trained in community transformation)
- 60 Study Groups formed

woman smiling and leaning on neverthirst clean-water well
Here’s how you can support an entire community:

A hand pump for a village costs $3500 and serves 18-30 families, or about 100 people. Each village is responsible to raise a small amount for future maintenance and repair—building ownership of the project. Your donation also funds health and hygiene training for the community and gives church leaders a platform to share the gospel among unreached communities.

There are 430 villages in this region in urgent need of clean water. You can fund one—or multiple—hand pumps and get your family name on the hand pump plaque!


Here's how you can help:

  1. Pray for the Living Water to reach every people group in Jharkhand, India
  2. Pray for clean water to be provided to every people group.
  3. Give—sacrificially and cheerfully for this work to be done!
  4. Recruit others to pray and give! If everyone who gives recruits in one additional donor, the chain will never stop. We expect there to be an army of donors investing in this!
  5. Expect to see this project completely funded by December 31, 2023. This is a light thing in the sight of the Lord!

Want to mail a check? Put "Corinth" in the memo and send to:


1111 Edenton Street

Birmingham, AL 35242


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