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David Platt's 'Ultimate Disconnect' Sermon | neverthirst Origin Story

“Have you disconnected the blessings of God from the purpose of God?”

The founders of neverthirst were forever changed by a simple question.

It was 2006 when David Platt posed this question in a sermon titled 'The Ultimate Disconnect,' based on Psalm 67:1-2. Platt was the lead pastor at the Church of Brook Hills, in Birmingham, Alabama, and our three founders were sitting in the congregation, inspired to take action.

"That morning, I may as well have been the only person in the room," neverthirst co-founder Forrest Walden shares. "When David Platt came and preached 'The Ultimate Disconnect' sermon, I was at a place in life where I was doing really well. I was doing well in business. I was growing my family. I really had everything I had aspired to create."


"May God be gracious to us, bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us, so your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations." - Psalm 67:1-2


"But what I had disconnected, and what David's call was that morning was 'Have you disconnected the blessing from the purpose?'. The purpose is "so that His power may be known in all nations to the end of the earth," continues Forrest.

"I just sat there and reflected on my life and how much I had focused on the blessing. And it was time to connect that blessing to the purpose."

Listen to David Platt's "The Ultimate Disconnect" sermon that moved our co-founders to action.

What followed that Sunday was a full year spent prayerfully seeking God’s direction. After traveling overseas on multiple mission trips, witnessing poverty unlike they had ever seen before, our founders found themselves in Witto, South Sudan.

"We saw a pond that neither you nor your dog would drink out of in a million years," Forrest shares. "And we thought, 'Man, we've seen [a need for] water everywhere we've traveled, could it be that simple?' There were other organizations doing it—and doing it really well—but the difference is we wanted to connect the church with water. And make sure when water is provided, it's in the name of the church. And it platform the church and the pastors ministering in those areas. And that became our reason to exist."

Forrest and our co-founders came back and raised funds to build a clean water well in Witto, South Sudan.

And neverthirst was born.

Today, over 1.1 million people have been reached with clean water and the Living Water—the good news of Jesus Christ.

Join a community that is passionate to use our blessings to make 'His ways known on earth, His salvation among all nations.' Every gift made will impact unreached families in need of clean water and the gospel.

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