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For $40, you can give one person clean water every month. How many can you serve?


Women carry the weight of the water crisis.

You can empower women in need with the gospel and clean water. Join us in serving unreached women and giving hope today.
$40 serves one woman with access to clean water and the gospel. How many can you serve?

The water crisis impacts women most severely.

In every culture, women are the ones collecting water for their families. They save up their money for medicine when their kids get sick from waterborne illness. Healthy pregnancies and children are not guaranteed in communities without clean water and sanitation. Girls will leave school when there’s not proper toilets or to help with the task of collecting water every day.

The average woman in rural Africa walks almost 4 miles every day to haul 40 pounds of water. It’s back-breaking work. For water that is unsafe. And it’s wasting hours every day that a woman could be making income or with her family.

But clean water empowers the women first in a community.

Many women step up to lead the water committee in their village, doing whatever it takes to help bring clean water to their village. They save up and invest in the repair fund for their well. And they celebrate with joy when clean water flows, for now their time is restored, their health is improved, and their families have hope.

“I don’t want to remember the past days of fetching water. Those miserable days were very difficult and painful. But now I don’t have to worry, as the water source is near my house.”

Sita Maya Pahari


“We were so tired. We were so worn down. Now we are so very happy. Seventy years this village is here drinking bad water and now we have clean water in our village. This is thanks to you. Thank you so much!”

Kalthouma Gambo


From the woman at the well to Mary Magdalene, we see Jesus bring worth to women in cultures where they have little. And you have the opportunity to do the same today, in 2021.

We invite you to sacrificially give and show women in unreached contexts that they are worthy…

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