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For $40, you can give one person clean water every month. How many can you serve?

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Challenge your CrossFit community to impact the world


More than 771 million people still lack access to clean water, and your fitness community can bring change and hope to families in need.

WOD for Water is a high-energy CrossFit event bringing your community together to provide clean water for those who lack access. We equip each gym with t-shirts, promotions, jerry cans, and more to facilitate an easy event that has massive impact on the global water crisis.

Join us in changing lives—from your own community through fitness and nutrition—to communities around the world in need of clean and living water.

Host Your Event

It’s easy to host your own WOD for Water.

Create Your Event

Pick a date and connect with our team to launch your workout. View where we serve to learn more.

Register Your Participants

The $40 participation fee includes access to your workout, an event t-shirt, and gives directly to clean water.

Host your Workout for Water

Engage your community with a fun, high-energy workout that gives clean water to a community in need.


Contact for a full list of resources to help you get started hosting your own Workout for Water and to answer any questions.

Your Hosting Package Includes:

• Tri-blend Workout for Water t-shirts for each paying participant
• Workout for Water t-shirts for your staff to wear prior to the event
• Posters to hang in your facility to promote the event
• Social media graphics to share about your Workout for Water
• A website for your event where participants can register and donate
• 5 Jerry Cans: Used around the world to collect water, women often walk up to 3 miles everyday while carrying them. (Once filled, a jerry can weighs around 40lbs and can be incorporated into your workout.)

Optional Extras:
• A neverthirst representative will come share with your clients/employees about neverthirst and how participating in a Workout for Water is helping change lives around the world. (We make our best effort to attend all events.)
• Help with designing the workout for the event
• Providing you with neverthirst swag available for purchase that you can display in your gym/business prior to the event

Showing the Impact

We want your community to celebrate their impact! After your event, we will take a group photo and send you a ‘Thank You’ image featuring the amount raised for display in your gym/business. If your gym or business raises over $3,500, you’ll also receive an impact report containing photos of a project funded by your event, your name on the plaque of a well, GPS coordinates of your project, and testimonies from the community you have directly impacted!

Start your event today and join us in putting an end to the worldwide water crisis!

Join us in giving hope through clean and living water.

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