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Serve unreached women in their fight for clean water.

Your $40 monthly donation can give 12 women clean water every year and access to the gospel.

Beneath the Sahara Desert lies the “Sahel”, one of the harshest places to live on earth. Water is scarce, and life is difficult. Women spend their days walking hours to carry about 40 pounds of water that is unsafe to drink.

Two countries in the Sahel—Chad and Niger—have an urgent and massive need for clean water and the gospel. They are ranked in the lowest three countries in the world for human development. Yet Niger has the highest population growth rate in the world—with the average woman having seven kids.

The majority of this region is unreached by the gospel, and the dominant religions here are Islam and animism. Through water projects in communities, neverthirst is able to partner with local pastors to bring the love of God to these women who have never heard the good news.

This is their story.

Together, we can saturate an entire unreached region with clean water and the gospel. What will it take?

If 1,000 women commit to serve 1 woman every month—we can serve 12,000 women in a year. Changing the stories of generations to come.

Will you commit to serve unreached women with us? Start changing stories today.

Some of you can give more than $40 every month—and some less. But together, we can bring clean water and the gospel to an unreached woman’s community.
Tell the stories of unreached women with us.

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Help us fight for unreached women, so their burden is no longer carried
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