Map of India


Billion national


Million people lack
clean water


of rural population
lack sanitation


of people
are unreached

India is located in South Asia and is ranked 127 out of 185 countries in the world based on the UN’s Human Development Index. Alarmingly, over 373 million people (27.9%) in India live in severe multidimensional poverty.1 Over 47 million people in rural India lack access to clean drinking water and over 345 million lack access to adequate sanitation facilities.2

Serving the Unreached

In India the dominant religion is Hinduism, with over 80% of the population identifying as Hindu. There are 2,373 people groups in India and 2,135 remain unreached with the gospel. Christianity is growing yet still in the minority at 2.3% and Christians often face significant persecution for their faith.3 Our implementing partners mobilize local pastors and churches to participate in water projects in villages where there is often no Christian presence.

Our Work

For over 13 years, neverthirst has been helping people in India gain access to clean water and give a platform for the local Church to show God’s love through the provision of clean and living water. Our implementing partners work in rural villages where communities access water from open (contaminated) wells and surface rivers that are not safe and run dry during the prolonged dry season.

We are focused on improving health in India through a variety of projects including community hand pumps, large-scale piped water systems, and safe water treatment at the household level.

Fund a Project in India

Serve an entire village or school with clean and living water. Projects range in cost depending on the region, project type, and amount of people served. Learn more here.



Water is mechanically pumped from an improved source and then piped to centralized tap stands within a community. This is a highly sophisticated water project that serves an entire village.

(serves 40-50 families)

2023 projects have been funded. Give to 2024 work or fund a different project need on this page!



Provide 20 families with their own biosand filters to safely treat and improve drinking water. This helps saturate an entire village with household filters.

(serves 100-150 people)

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