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For $40, you can give one person clean water every month. How many can you serve?

Dallas for neverthirst

Let's End the Water Crisis for a Region in Ethiopia

It's a God-sized vision. Together, let's end the water crisis and bring the gospel to an entire region of unreached people groups.

In 2021, neverthirst identified two unreached regions of Ethiopia where there was little to no hope for safe drinking water or the Gospel. Over the last 2 years, the work has begun in these regions and we have seen an immense impact.

As of today,
- 430,359 people have gained access to safe drinking water.
- 48 pastors have been empowered to serve their surrounding villages.
- 19 home groups have started introducing families to the hope of Living water.

There is still significant work to be done.

- More than 190,000 people still need access to safe drinking water.
- 213 community tap stands need to be built.
- 98 local pastors and evangelists have been identified and are waiting to be mobilized through these water projects. In both regions, Christians are in the extreme minority. In the Halaba zone particularly, churches face significant persecution for their faith. Despite these challenges, believers in both regions are committed to partnering to reach people with the good news of Jesus.

What will it take?

Fund An Entire Project in Ethiopia

Serve an entire village or school with clean and living water. Projects range in cost depending on the region, project type, and amount of people served. Learn more here.

Co-Fund a Mechanized Borehole

(serves 100+ people)

Co-Fund a Hand Pump

(serves 250 - 350 people)

Hand Pump for a Village

(serves 500 - 700 people)

Co-Fund a Piped System

(serves 200 - 500 people)

Co-Fund a School WASH

(serves 500 - 1000 people)

Mechanized Borehole

(serves 500 - 700 people)

Fund a Piped Water System

(serves 500 - 800 people)

Here's how you can help:

  1. Pray for the Living Water to reach every people group in Ethiopia.
  2. Pray for clean water to be provided to every people group.
  3. Give—sacrificially and cheerfully for this work to be done!
  4. Recruit others to pray and give! If everyone who gives recruits in one additional donor, the chain will never stop. We expect there to be an army of donors investing in this!

Want to mail a check? Put "Ethiopia Campaign" in the memo and send to:


1111 Edenton Street

Birmingham, AL 35242


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