Together with Brandon Lake, we can impact
the unreached.

1 in 10 people lack clean water today. Take a moment and change someone's story for just $40.

We exist for the unreached.

From the jungles of Cambodia to the desert of Niger, our work is focused in regions of the world that are unreached by the gospel. For many communities, the need for clean water opens the door for the gospel to be heard.

In many unreached regions, water is the #1 issue.

Women and girls are tasked with collecting water, often walking miles to bring back unsafe water. When a community receives a clean water project, it changes everything. Girls are able to stay in school. Women can be with their families. Everyone’s health improves. And families are introduced to the gospel.

It just takes $40 to change someone’s life.

You can be the difference in bringing water to the unreached. Join the neverthirst family—we’re going until all are served.

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