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Meet Samai: Doing Whatever It Takes To Serve the Unreached in Cambodia

Water is essential to living, yet an estimated 771 million people currently live without access to clean water that’s safe for drinking. This is a crisis.


When clean water is finally in a previously unreached village, it’s unlike anything else we get to experience. neverthirst’s recent trip to Cambodia captured the joy of this life-changing moment.


Meet Samai, a neverthirst partner in northern Cambodia who works to bring deep water wells to the most hard-to-reach villages. Watch below and see what it looks like when our donors make it possible for Samai and a drilling team to bring safe and living water to a remote village.

It's not an easy journey, but you’ll see it’s worth it.

Samai partners with neverthirst to reach isolated tribes in northern Cambodia, near the border of Laos. These remote villages are mainly Buddhist (70%) or Muslim (20%), and over half lack access to clean water.

Samai travels for days at a time, spending time away from his family, to set up water projects and share the good news of Jesus with the unreached.

In the video, you saw Samai drudge through deep mud and rain to help provide a well that brought the first taste of clean water for many residents, but the muddy, flooded, and often nonexistent roads aren’t the only obstacles he faces.

“I prayed so hard for the gift of language.”


Many of these villages speak tribal languages, not the Cambodian language of Khmer that Samai speaks, but he has dedicated himself to learning these local languages in order to communicate and reach every village with the power of the gospel.

“For me, ‘whatever it takes’ means I want to give everything I have to see these people thrive.”

Join Samai and so many other neverthirst partners fighting to do whatever it takes to end the water crisis and give today.


If we were only bringing water, that alone would be worth it, but neverthirst’s and Samai’s passion is motivated by more than good will.


Clean water allows people to flourish and families to thrive.

Water brings hope. It brings the possibility of health where there was risk of waterborne illness. It brings the freedom to work, learn, and earn an income, but our gospel-focused mission makes the impact water brings even greater.

In bringing clean and safe water to those in need, doors are opened for the gospel to be heard and eternal hope to spring up.



What would you do to see all people reached with safe and living water?


Samai’s story is one story of what it takes to end the water crisis. 


Another story is likely more relatable and equally important—meet the Dickens.

In order to solve the water crisis, we need people like Samai who are working on the frontlines, but we also need people like Nate & Kerry Lynne Dickens who are doing what they can from all the way across the world.

We all had tears in our eyes when we opened up our neverthirst impact report. We’re blessed to be part of [ending the water crisis] with you all and to see a real impact being made—to see the impact first-hand with pictures and testimonies makes all the difference in the world.”

The water crisis is solved by businesses, families, pastors, organizations, individuals, and all of us doing whatever it takes to see all people served and every thirst quenched.


What will it take for you to bring clean water to one person? Just $40.


We are launching a campaign to raise $3,000,000 by the end of the year to fund reaching 75,000 people with the gift of safe and living water. This is only possible with your help. 

Access to clean water should not be a privilege, and it takes more of us playing a role to end this crisis. It takes all of us doing whatever we can to see the water crisis end in our lifetime.

Will you do whatever it takes?



Or Explore What It Takes to Fund a Water Project >>

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