The Shipps' Story | A Loss Turned Into Kingdom Impact

The families we serve go through many trials and suffering, just like us. It's the human experience. But the difference is that many don't have Jesus to give them hope in the hardest times of their life. 

Watch the story of John and Jennifer Shipp and what happened when they learned about how many people around the world are unreached by this true hope.

From college sweethearts to getting married after graduating from Ole Miss, John and Jennifer had a vision of what they wanted their life to look like.
John and Jennifer at Ole Miss.

Until the loss of their child completely shook up their world. 
"As hard as it is today, I know God has a purpose for that pain," shared Jennifer. "I wanted to find a way to honor Decker's life and turn it into Kingdom impact."
So this year, they decided to launch Corinth for Clean Water. A fundraising campaign rallying to raise $1.5 million to serve an entire unreached region in India with clean water, in honor of Decker's life.
John and Jennifer along with their six kids. Cate Rivers (left) is now a senior in high school.

"There are stories of mommas out there just like me in these unreached places, who are burying their babies. The difference for me is—I have Jesus. They don't have Him to get them through their suffering," shared Jennifer.

When a mom in India loses her baby in the same way Jennifer lost Decker, she would go through the same experience of loss and hardship. But that mom wouldn't have much hope and consolation at all.

"Every number has a name. Every name has a story, just like I have a story. And that story deeply matters to God," concluded Jennifer, "I want to never forget that."

When you give to neverthirst, you support the mission of sharing where eternal joy comes from to unreached people who haven't found that yet. 

Join us this year-end in making an eternal difference in stories around the world.  You can also learn more about the Corinth for Clean Water campaign here.

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