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Dreaming in the Sahel: How Water is Helping Spread the Gospel

Before we introduce you to Favor, it's important to understand the backdrop of where she lives—the Sahel.

The Sahel is harsh, dry, and impoverished in many ways. It is a region surrounded by the Sahara desert and the scarcity of water makes life immeasurably difficult. Beyond the physical conditions:

  • 98% of Niger is unreached, yet Niger has the fastest growing population in the world.
  • The dominant religion in this region is Islam.
  • Christians represent only 1% of the population in Niger.
  • neverthirst has identified regions in Chad and Niger with urgent, massive need for clean water and the gospel. And longs to see the water crisis end here.

The story of Favor, her faith, and her dreams come together in a way that demonstrates how water opens the door for the gospel to go forth in a country that is predominantly Muslim and animist.


Water changed Favor’s life and positioned her to change the eternal lives of others...



In 2017, the neverthirst family began supporting work in Chad, bringing clean water to the area where Favor lives today.

She and her father have a passion to bring the hope of the gospel to those around them and last year planted a church among nomads in the region. Favor leads worship in the nomad language, drawing others to worship the one, true God.


"Without water, we cannot live."


"That is why giving clean water is giving the gospel. When you give people clean water, they have to think that you love them. We think that you have Christ in your life because you give us clean water.

You can live the gospel when you give clean water,” shares Favor.

Today, Favor hopes to be a doctor and dreams of traveling and spreading the gospel to the unreached.

Favor and women like her are experiencing a new life with clean and living water in a dry region where water is difficult to find and even harder to get.


"There are many things that are difficult in Chad. We have a lot of sun and there is not much rain. There is not much water."  

"In the morning, I wash the plates, cook for the parents before going to school, wash my uniform, wash my clothes, and prepare for my younger ones, so that when I come back they can eat their food before going to school.

I love school so much.

I want to become a doctor and take the Word all over for the people that don’t know Jesus Christ, for them to understand the meaning of the love that Jesus died for us." 

Favor has seen the growth of a new church among nomads in Chad. She leads worship, serving alongside her father. Together, clean water has enabled them to offer access to living water in Jesus.


"I know that my Lord Jesus is with us all the time. When I was baptized years ago, there was a girl at my school who felt she had bad spirits. She was crying, so we prayed for her, knowing we had the spirit of God in us, and she was healed. So that is why I know that my Lord Jesus is with us all the time and when we cry, He is ready to answer our prayers.

My faith in Jesus really helped me when I had some difficulties because Jesus said we should not be worried in our life because He is with us all the time. 

There are many things we can worry about. Sometimes I worry about school fees and paying for my own needs.

When I am going through difficulties, I remember that the Bible says I have to be still and strong and I should not leave the way of the Lord.

This is showing me that the Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want," emphasizes Favor. 

Meet Favor, a 17-year-old girl in Chad who is sharing the gospel to unreached nomads.


Help Carry Her Burden.

Together, we have the power to bring water and the gospel to the unreached.

$40 a month provides one woman like Favor with clean water – that means you can provide 12 women with clean water in a year. 

Give today to fight for the women of the Sahel region, so they don’t have to carry their burden alone. Give believers around the world tools to reach those around them with the good news.

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